James Alberts II

James Earl Alberts II is the CEO and founder and Higher Works Collaborative. In his 24 years of service to his local community, he has served in various capacities and positions and brings all of the knowledge and experience he has gained together for the betterment of the people. 

He is a graduate of St Cloud State University with a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence. He is a current graduate student of Metropolitan State University studying Nonprofit and Public Administration so that he can bring more to this and other organizations where he serves.

A recipient of several awards and citations for works completed, lives touched, and processes improved and although these awards are not the purpose for doing the work, they serve as lead measures that point toward high goals set for this organization. 

James has high goals for Higher Works, a few of them are:

  • To create successful lives
  • Clear the path for attainable education
  • Find solutions for the lack of adequate transportation
  • Help those in need to find employment
  • Aid in secure housing for the homeless
  • Develop a path and create opportunities for healthy living

Natoyia M. Alberts

 Natoyia is the co-founder of Higher Works Collaborative (HWC), whose mission is to holistically advance the lives and lifestyles of our African American community by empowering each individual in the areas of education, transportation, housing, employment, and health & wellness.

Natoyia knows that communities are made up of families that are made up of people and each person needs to be empowered to be their best selves. She believes that empowered people create empowered families and empowered families create empowered communities – which is the goal. Her experience, dedication and no-nonsense approach to life give her a hands-down advantage in helping real-time life issues that hinder the advancement of those she serves. 

While currently serving as Program Director at HWC, Natoyia brings a vast amount of experience that ranges from feeding the homeless to career development. Her time working in the community has allowed her to gain valuable knowledge with Social Services administration as well as Mental Health administration. Continuing to serve her community in between and along the way, she has landed on serving organically, from human to human and from young to old.

Natoyia lives in the St. Cloud area with her husband, James E. Alberts II. Together they have 10 children, 4 grandchildren, and a host of other children (and adults) they call family in the area.​​​​​​​

Buddy King                    

Buddy King a native of Kansas City, MO. moved to St Cloud in 2001 to attend SCSU were he studied Community Development and Human Relations. During his time as a student he learned of a Volunteer opportunity at the Boys & Girls Club in 2002 through a partnership with a local cultural dance company to provide an African drumming program for Boys & Girls Club members. Upon completion of the grant partnership, Buddy found a passion for youth development and was hired as a youth guidance worker at the Eastside Boys & Girls Club. Buddy’s passion and charisma quickly led him to a position at the Southside Boys & Girls Club as Assistant Unit Director in 2004. Buddy was hired as the Roosevelt Boys & Girls Club Unit Director in 2009 until March 2019. His experiences over 18 years with the Club and connections with the community has opened the door for him to expand his gifts of bringing people together and addressing the needs of the community. Buddy King will be pursuing his Masters Degree in the Fall in Public Administration.


Buddy King actively  participates in a number of community initiatives  to cultivate valuable community partnerships and to contribute to creating a healthier, more vibrant community. Mr. King currently serves as Vice Chair on the Board of the Directors for the coming soon Great River Children's Museum. “ St Cloud is a great place to live, the opportunities are unlimited and we owe it to our children to create a place that everyone proudly calls home” 

His  community involvement includes the following:


  • Partnership with St. Cloud Police Department SCYLA program since 2013
  • AAMF member since 2009
  • Partnership with Dist. 742, 47, Stride and Athlos Academy Charter Schools; speaks about career development, goal-setting, and social responsibility
  • Member of several community advisory boards including MSAB (Minnesota State Arts Board), CMAB (Central Minnesota Arts Board)  , PARB (Park and Recreation Board-City of St Cloud), CAC( Children's Advocacy Center), Seberger Neighborhood Association
  • Member of NAACP Community Committee